Jeff Group confirms once again that the development of Everwild is a complete disaster

Rarely does he live a comfortable time of glory with the continued and ongoing success of Sea of ​​Thieves, which continues to bring players together and add content despite its more than two-year-old age, but his next project, Everwild, may not be managing the same fate, at least in its development. The technically impressive new project was announced from the British studio almost two years ago and has been in development for 5 years, and it appears to be in less than ideal condition.

Although a little over two months ago, the loot died He explained to us above what the rumors that there was a restart in the development of Everwild mean, and doubts are still on the table. Since then, two creative directors – who are better known – have abandoned the project, and according to Jeff Grob, the development appears to be literally “still disastrous”. This is how I commented on it The latest podcast from Xbox Erain which you participated.

They don’t know what to do with Everwild

In addition to saying it’s still a disaster, they couldn’t direct it either, because according to Grubb, they are still unclear on what the game will consist of in order to properly define it and take an eventual development path. Of course, he asserts once again that the internal reboot of his creativity is a complete reality, something that Booty practically confirmed in his interview as well, saying “they just make sure to create something very special.”

Of course, for our part, we don’t doubt Rare’s good work and that especially in these times of pandemic any development has been greatly affected, especially if it’s in these design stages where there are still gaps to be identified It’s hard to put together an agreement without a personal working rhythm more. It will be necessary to see if at the next E3, we will at least see him again and this time yes, explaining the concept well, because it is very impressive from an aesthetic point of view.

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