Jeff Bezos just named a huge rocket rescue ship after his mother

Perhaps in the final gift, Jeff Bezos surprised his mother, Jacqueline Bezos, by unveiling the name of the rescue boat that was picking up missiles for his space company Blue Origin, describing it as Jacqueline In her honor. While the 600-foot vessel was purchased in 2018, it has since been refurbished, and now renamed, to its new position as a floating landing area for the first stage of Blue Origin’s heavy lift rocket, known as New Glenn.

Bezos spread the news by posting a video of his mother bending the boat with champagne on Instagram.

The Jacqueline Necessary because Neoglin first stage is reusable. In fact, the first stage of the missile was designed so that it could be reused up to 25 times. Much like how SpaceX’s drone recovery ships do Of course I still love you And the Just read the instructions Working to restore the company’s Falcon 9 boosters, Jacklyn will be positioned in the Atlantic Ocean so that the New Glenn first stage booster can land on the boat when the rockets begin launching from the Kennedy Space Center later this year, if all goes well.

Blue Origin hopes to start flying the 310-foot New Glenn in 2021 after spending $ 2.5 billion north on the program. Although New Glen never flew, only NASA Awarded Blue Origin is a contract that allows the missile to compete for missions that would launch planetary satellites, Earth observation, exploration and satellites.

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