JCE ensures the operation of equipment for municipal elections

Written by Carolina Olega

Santo Domingo.-With only 12 hours remaining until the municipal elections, the Central Electoral Commission confirmed today, Saturday, that the Electoral Assembly is 100% ready.

With the installation and testing of scanning, digitizing, printing and data transmission devices, the Central Council has put the final touches on the process of collecting the municipal elections scheduled to be held next Sunday.

During a visit to the data dissemination center set up at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel in the National Region, the head of the electoral body called on residents to remain calm.

This Saturday, in the presence of delegates of the Council and political parties, the Central Council of Santo Domingo Oeste completed the delivery of the distribution of materials and equipment that will be used in the electoral competition.

According to the Central Council, these municipal elections will be attended by 70 observers from 14 international organizations, with the aim of ensuring the development of the process within a framework of respect and transparency.

According to entity data, for these elections, more than eight million and one hundred thousand Dominicans are entitled to exercise their right to vote and elect their municipal authorities in the 3,800 available positions.

Also, as part of the electoral process, from seven in the morning on Saturday until five in the morning on Monday, February 19, the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages was prohibited.

Polling stations are scheduled to open at seven in the morning and close at five in the afternoon on Sunday.

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