Japan will only send sports representatives to Winter JO

Japan A government representation mission will not be sent to Beijing 202 Winter Olympics2, but yes to the National Olympic Committee representatives with Japanese athletes, the government announced.

“We will not send government representatives,” the Japanese spokesman said on Friday. Hirokazu Matsuno, At a press conference after announcing that Japan Three members of the Japanese Olympic and Paralympic Committee will be sending in response to an invitation by the International Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

They will travel to the international sports competition Seiko HashimotoChairman of the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Yasuhiro YamashitaPresident of the Japanese Olympic Committee; s Kazuyuki Mori Chairman of the Japanese Paralympic Committee, according to the spokesman.

“It’s a decision they made themselves,” he explained. Matsuno When asked if this decision has been consulted with other countries, in light of the diplomatic boycott declared by the United States to consider the Chinese government committing human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Matsuno He did not use the word “boycott” to explain the Japanese government’s move and asserted that this decision “has no specific term.”

The spokesperson responded when asked about the reasons for not sending a government representative to Beijing 2022.

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“The Olympic and Paralympic Games are celebrations of peace and sports that show courage to the world,” he added. Matsuno, to later confirm that “Japan hopes to hold these Games in peace and in the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Japan It will therefore try not to align itself directly with the US-led diplomatic boycott that Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom have joined.

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Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio KishidaHe has already announced that he has no plans to travel to attend the competition.

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