J Balvin launched Oye, a bilingual app for emotional well-being

Superstar J Balvin has announced the creation of Oye, a bilingual, interactive health app that will offer daily creative practices in Spanish and English starting in September.

Oye is an app for new generations to empower the Latino community with available resources and wellness tools to “feel better, grow personally, and build a community wherever they are,” says a statement from the Colombian singer.

The app strives to provide a safe space for its members around the world to learn how to make wellness a part of our daily lives.

By creating “unique content and daily healthy practices in Spanish and English, Oye facilitates a balance between emotional well-being, physical health, and interpersonal relationships.”

Oye’s idea was born out of Balvin’s personal experience with his mental health, which inspired him to want to help millions of people overcome similar obstacles.

It is the brainchild of Colombian singer-songwriter, co-founder and president of Office of Dreams, along with happiness activist Mario Chamorro, Executive Director of Global Creative and Social Impact Patrick Dawn, and journalist and CEO of Media Isaac Lee.

People who “register for Oye before its launch in September will receive a free one-year membership, with access to various content and bilingual sentimental resources, as well as personalized updates from Balvin.”

The singer has been outspoken about his personal struggles with mental health, a topic still considered taboo by much of the Latino community.

Because of my own path in mental health, for some time I wanted to create a community-focused company that could make an impact in key areas related to emotional well-being,” Palvin said, according to information from Norrisstars.

The path to health “is different for every person, and very personal. We aim to encourage and empower people to prioritize their mental and emotional health, as well as provide opportunities for a global community so that each person can create their own world of wellness in a creative way.”

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To highlight this project, Palvin appointed Carlos Lopez, his personal therapist and pioneer in psychiatry and research in Latin America, as Director of the Oy Wellness Council along with Marie Sierra, Director of Wellness at Oy, a Mexican pioneer in the world of well-being and expert in the mind-brain connection. and the body.

It will also explore the balance between emotional well-being, physical health, and social relationships through audio and video content in three categories: mental, expanding perspectives through audio journeys; My body changes mood with movement and breathing; and Mi Gente, Social Therapy through Real Conversations.

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