Italy is carrying out diagnostic tests for Covid-19 for travelers from China

“This measure is necessary to ensure monitoring and identification of any type of virus to protect the Italian population,” Schillacci added during a cabinet meeting where the matter was discussed.

The senior official stated, “There is no concern at all at the present time, if there is a problem, we will intervene immediately to ensure public health.”

According to a recent report by the Italian Federation of Health Entities and Hospitals (Fiaso), in this nation the decline in hospitalizations due to Covid-19 continues, as in the past week these decreased by 9.6 percent, a figure lower than 9.8. previously recorded percentage point.

The figure for intensive care remains steady, with the number of unvaccinated patients growing to 30 percent, up 12 points from those in the previous seven days, with an average age of 71, the report adds.

In her analysis, La Fiaso confirms that more than 80 percent of patients currently hospitalized due to Covid-19 have not received a booster dose of the vaccine against this disease, despite being over 70 years old and frail.

As for children and adolescents, the number of underage patients in hospital pediatric departments decreased by 24 percent, and 69 percent of them are between zero and four years old, according to the source.


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