it will be? UK discovers ‘unusual’ symptoms in children caused by Omicron El Financiero

with progress omicron variable in a United kingdom And with the easing of security measures, many young people and children developed various symptoms, but in particular one sparked the interest of doctors and scientists.

Dr David Lloyd, a GP in north London, has seen about 15 per cent of children and young adults omicron variableHe confirmed that these appeared to appear as skin eruptions derived from symptoms.

In an interview with Sky News, Lloyd noted that children and young adults often develop spots on the skin, in addition to fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite, the latter being the most common symptoms among adults.

“We’ve always had a small group of COVID patients who have different rashes, but up to 15 percent of kids who get infected omicron “They have an unusual rash,” he said.

“While it is too early to know if this type of coronavirus presents a very high risk, the data suggests that Omicron is highly transmissible and ‘hopefully not as lethal as the delta variant,'” Lloyd explained.

For now, researchers are continuing to run lab tests to detail whether the new alternative is more transmissible, although first results from South Africa and the United States give “some hope” by reducing the risks of the omicron.

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