It is red energy and has a kilometer name

a Miracle substance It will save us 200 million megawatts per hour energy. It is red and has Kilometer name. Energy saving is an issue that concerns the whole world. The resource crisis and the need for energy in all areas of life make energy saving so important that it has an impact A day dedicated to him.

A group of scientists has highlighted a study that could change the world. A similar analysis appeared a while ago and raised doubts, but they warn that much has now been proven.

We may be about to move from one era to another in terms of energy, which is especially important given the transformation that humanity is undergoing.

This miracle substance named Kilometer has put the world on alert

The researchers say they have on their hands a superconducting material that operates at low enough temperature and pressure for use in practical situations.

Supposedly This is an important advance that experts have sought for more than a century: Developing a material capable of transmitting electricity without resistance and passing magnetic fields around the material.

Its detection could lead to electrical networks transmitting power without interruption, achieving savings of up to 200 million megawatt hours, which is currently lost due to resistance. It could also contribute to nuclear fusion, a long-awaited procedure that would produce unlimited energy.

A miracle substance with a kilometer name arrives, breaking the imposed standards

Other applications have also been proposed, including high-speed floating trains and new types of medical equipment.

Ranga Dias He leads a team that has previously reported on the creation of two somewhat less innovative but also superconducting materials in papers published in Nature and Physical Review Letters.

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The Nature article ended up being retracted by the journal's editors, in a context full of questions about the scientists' approach. On this occasion, the teacher days The rest of the team confirms that they have taken appropriate measures to prevent a repeat of yesterday's criticism.

The scientists validated the old paper with new data collected outside the laboratory, observing what happened in vivo and taking a similar approach to the new study. The new material was described in the article “Evidence for near-ambient superconductivity in N-doped lutetium hydride(“Evidence for near-ambient superconductivity in N-doped lutetium hydride”) published in nature.

He called it “reddmatter” because of its color and as a reference to the material it is composed of Star Trek. This name originated during the creation process, when experts realized that it had changed color towards a “very bright red” color.

The name kilometer refers to the miraculous substance that is famous throughout the world

the teacher days His team developed the material by taking a rare earth metal called lutetium and mixing it with hydrogen and a small portion of nitrogen. Then they waited for two or three days to see how they would react, keeping them at high temperatures.

The resulting compound came out a dark blue color. However, the process does not end here. They continued to press at very high pressure, when it changed from blue to pink upon reaching superconductivity. After that, it returned to the deep red color in its non-superconducting metallic state.

We have never seen what happens to this miracle substance before.

To work, the material must be heated to 20.5 degrees Celsius and compressed to approximately 145,000 psi. However, this process is not as intensive as other subjects that similar subjects must undergo, including the one announced by the professor in 2020. days.

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This model is practical enough that the specialists involved in the article suggest that it will constitute a new phase.

“The path to superconducting consumer electronics, power transmission lines, transportation, and significant improvements in magnetic confinement for fusion is now a reality,” Professor Dias said in a statement. “We believe we are now in the modern era of superconductors.”

Among its practical applications we can include the use of the material to accelerate the creation of “tokamak machines”, which are being developed to the nuclear fusion scale.

Who says that A Miracle substance with Kilometer name It would have caused such a revolution, almost the same revolution it had caused A device that captures light and converts it into renewable energy.

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