It demonstrates the importance of public science in the face of national government adjustment

Next Saturday, April 6, in the sector known as the “Little Jungle” of the University City, scientists from Cordoba will hold the “Federal Elijo Creaser Science Festival”, an initiative of researchers who come together to carry out actions to raise awareness and “public communication of science, within the framework of a modified National Government, “a situation that jeopardizes the continuity of the scientific, technological and university framework in Argentina.”

The event is co-organized by teachers from the National University of Cordoba and the Regional University, researchers from the University of Conisit, students, graduate professionals and university employees. The aim of this festival is “to promote a broad vision on the diversity of topics dealt with by science in Argentina, and to restore their value for the development of the country.”

The “I Choose to Grow” initiative seeks to raise awareness in the Cordoba community about the quality and importance of local scientific production, as well as highlighting the critical situation that the scientific community is currently experiencing. In Cordoba there will be interactive activities proposed by different research groups.

The call will take place between 10 am and 3 pm next Saturday, the 6th, at the entrance to the University City from Parque de las Tejas, next to the Agro-Ecological Fair. There will be instances of direct “conversation” between the community and scientists, recreational activities for boys and girls with educational content and platforms with information and demonstrations.

The main logo of the Elijo Crecer Festival is DrDefending the Argentine scientific and technological systemwhich means complying with the Science and Technology Funding Act and “stopping the dismantling of the science and technology system,”

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In this context, it must be emphasized that “the initiative has political content, but is of a non-partisan nature,” as the organizers indicated in a statement.

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