It allows us to connect to WiFi easily, but it is better to disable it

When we rent internet service at home, we never know it, and they don’t explain it to us, What is the function of each button Among the many things that the router integrates.

Some features may be obvious such as an on/off button, or a factory reset slot. But there are jobs that can Putting your Wi-Fi at risk: One of them is WPS.

What is a router and what is it for?

Before starting to talk about the danger of WPS, we must know what the function of this device is. The router, as we have already explained, is the device that runs Access point between the local network and the Internet. In other words, it opens the doors to the network and allows your cell phone, WaveThe printer and even home appliances connect to Wi-Fi.

In addition, it integrates other functions such as creating local networks with different filters for each user. This way you can get Greater security in controlling connected devicesor controlling Internet traffic on the network, and it is specifically WPS that can violate Wi-Fi security.

What is WPS and how does it work

Before explaining WPS, it’s helpful to review what WPA and WPA2 are. These are Wi-Fi encryption protocols so that only you and your devices can access your router. Keep strangers away from information on your device. However, these protocols can be tedious or lengthy if you want to connect from a smart TV, printer, etc.

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This is where WiFi Security Setup (WPS)or Wi-Fi Protected Setup in Spanish, is a function that many routers include and focus on Facilitating the process of connecting to a wireless network. The worrying thing about this method is that during… A few seconds Your network will be vulnerable to almost any user without needing to know your Internet name or password.

There are several ways to connect, in this case we will review the physical button on the router, the location of which will depend on the model. But to access it, you must first search for the Wi-Fi settings on your device, even if they are recent Android and iOS don’t integrate it natively.

Then you should press and hold the physical WPS button for a few seconds until the router indicator starts flashing. The router and device will connect almost instantly and you will be connected to the network. In our case We tested this method using a TV with compatible software and the connection was instant.

What is the problem with WPS

As mentioned earlier, the main drawback of this connection method is that it leaves your network vulnerable for a few minutes, which is similar to a hacker gaining access to your home network. By gaining access to your network, anyone can change the settings on your router, Access your data online as automatic logins in banking applications Or even install malware on your router.

Moreover, it has been shown WPS is very vulnerable to the 8-digit PIN entry method, since Hackers They can aggressively attack your modem to get the password and access your network. Even this type of attack is easy because the router automatically confirms the first four numbers, and if they are correct, the attack is faster.

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thus, Recommending not to use WPS And keep it disabled from your router. Additionally, you can configure your Wi-Fi password and name to keep your network more secure and share it only with acquaintances via QR or spell your password.

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