ISSSTE will eliminate visual pollution in medical units

The Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) promotes the program “Without visual pollution, we look better” Aiming to create pleasant, clean environments and, above all, worthy of providing medical services.

Specifically, the image of clinics and hospitals will be revamped to improve care because “visual pollution, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), can affect health; 40 percent of those who work in offices have unpleasant or informative objects, Tend to suffer from depression“.

I know too remove redundant stickers, notices and billboards, Among other things, because it prevents the transmission of information in an appropriate manner to the beneficiaryGeneral Manager Luis Antonio Ramirez Pineda said during Supervising the Family Medicine Clinic “Revolución” (CMF) in Mexico City.

“For this reason, we have started with this pilot program in the Clinic of Family Medicine (CMF), which eliminates visual pollution and is a driver of improved care,” he added on his tour accompanied by the head of the CEN Center at SNTISSSTE, Luis Miguel. Victoria Ranfla, deputy director of attention to the rights holder, Vanessa Prieto Barrientos.

Prieto Barrientos He emphasized that the campaign “Without Visual Pollution We See Ourselves Better” arose as a result of the supervision carried out in medical units, in order to Uncover areas of opportunity to enhance service.

For his part, the Regulatory Director for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Jens Pedro Loman Iturboro, explained that in coordination with Health Regulations Directorate Concrete actions have been identified fortreatment claims This is for good reason making the right to merit.”

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He said that at the end of this year they will finish equipping and rehabilitating the medical units that have entered the improvement and enhancement program.

Coordination with social media unit, An illustrated identity guide is designed for family medicine clinics Which will serve as a basis, so that they can better consolidate their areas of interest and achieve their goals.

Prieto Barrientos noted that another important goal is that the program that started on Monday, September 13th will be permanent, which is why responsible persons will be appointed in each unit to carry it out.

So far, the Director General of ISSSTE has supervised the medical units in “Ermita”, “Naucalpan”, “Oriente” and “Revolución”, but The program will be implemented across the country.


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