Israel arrested about 11,000 Palestinians in 2023

The organizations explained in a joint statement that this number does not include thousands of Gazans who were arrested after that date, following the army’s ground invasion.

A statement issued by the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Authority, the Palestinian Prisoners Association, the Addameer Prisoner Care and Human Rights Association, and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that among the total number were 1,085 minors and 300 women.

They stressed that the largest number of arrests occurred in October, when hostilities began after an attack by Hamas on Israel, which responded with a wave of bombings against Gaza and a subsequent ground offensive.

They noted that at the end of the year, there were about 8,800 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons, including 80 women, and explained that in 2023 10 prisoners died in custody.

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs Committee and the Prisoners' Club reported this week that seven citizens had died since October 7 in that country's prisons.

Last November, many Palestinians, who were released in an exchange between the Hamas militia and Israel, condemned the torture they were subjected to in prisons.

Members of the Prison Service constantly enter the cells and beat the prisoners, as the young man Muhammad Nazzal described to Al Jazeera.

He added: “Shortly before I left, they entered the section I was in and started hitting us with sticks. I put my hands on my head to avoid the blows that caused damage to my limbs.”

I have been detained for almost a year, but I have not seen what happened since last October 7, agrees Jawad Kamel, 17, one of the young men released.

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The oppressive forces enter the prisoner’s quarters and begin beating them. He pointed out that the goal was to kill them.


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