ISCIII launches call for research projects on customized precision medicine, in the amount of 29.5 million

Madrid, 15 July. (European Press) –

The Carlos III Institute of Health (ISCIII) has launched a 2021 call for grants for personalized precision medicine research projects, as part of the Strategic Action in Health (AES) 2017-2020 of ISCIII, loaded with European funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Scheme. The maximum amount allocated for assistance is 29.5 million euros.

The objective of this call is to promote the progressive dissemination of personalized precision medicine in the health system by funding research, development and innovation projects that make it possible to develop and implement clinical care procedures that allow, within the framework of the global concept of precision medicine, to increase the effectiveness in individuals and health services of various preventive and diagnostic measures treatment and rehabilitation.

The call, published Thursday in the State Gazette (BOE), was launched in coordination with the Precision Medicine Infrastructure Associated Science and Technology (IMPaCT), which was approved last year by the Shock Science and Innovation Scheme, which includes three programs: Predictive Medicine, Genomic Medicine, and Data Science.

The application deadline for this call will be from July 20 to September 9, and potential recipients of the aid are accredited health research institutes; Public health entities and institutions that practice or not practice clinical care activity: hospitals, primary care centers, other health centers not mentioned above, health administration units; Private, not-for-profit health entities and organizations associated or arranged with the SNS; public research organizations (OPI); and public universities, university institutes and private universities with demonstrated capabilities and activity in the field of research and development.

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Among other areas of work, the call will fund projects to analyze genomic and proteomic data; Other molecular identification techniques in humans; Development of biomarkers application in clinical and environmental information management and population studies and incorporation of advanced computing technologies.

In addition to their association with the above-mentioned key areas of the IMPaCT infrastructure, the funded projects will pay particular attention to studies of micro-oncology; Pharmacogenetics. Infectious diseases and chronic diseases.

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