Is Vaccine Passport the Way to Go?

Vaccine passports are becoming a controversial issue. However, some people believe that it’s the way to go if we want to end this pandemic. In most developed nations, vaccine supply is abundant. However, due to vaccine hesitancy, these countries are yet to reach the target number to reach herd immunity. Hence, it makes sense to consider using vaccine passports.

The document allows vaccinated individuals to live everyday life. For example, they won’t have to wear masks in indoor and outdoor spaces unless crowded. They can also freely enter various establishments. In the future, the tourism industry might also adopt the use of vaccine passports.

While it might seem like an excellent way to motivate people to get vaccinated, it also comes with a moral issue. The passport essentially forces vaccination against their will. Denying people the chance to live life as other people would be morally wrong. Since it’s illegal to ask them to get vaccinated, the passport is a way to get around the problem.

Fake passports might spread

Apart from the moral issue of using vaccine passports, there’s also a problem related to fake passports. They might soon be available in the black market for people who wish to cheat the system. They don’t have to get the vaccine anymore and pretend they already had it.

It remains a complicated situation

Politicians and health officials couldn’t untangle themselves around this tricky question. It’s even more challenging than finding answers to a crossword puzzle like the ones found at While those puzzles have answers, we are yet to know the answer on the morality and legality of using vaccine passports. Unfortunately, there seems to be no consensus yet, and no country tried using the passports in fears of facing a backlash. If you also don’t know how to approach this situation, you might want to entertain yourself with these puzzles. Finding the correct crossword answers will make you feel satisfied. You can even solve the difficult puzzles.

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Dealing with the virus

For now, the best way to deal with the virus is to continue the health measures already in place. In countries where there are not enough vaccines for everyone, lockdown measures have to continue. When the vaccine is available, there should be more campaigns to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

Perhaps, the passport is an option when the failure to reach herd immunity leads to a resurgence of the virus. We are competing against time in this regard. Most countries with high vaccination rates are gradually opening places, and the people’s lives are back to normal. We can’t afford to go on a total lockdown again. With the threat of new virus variants, there should be more measures to prevent vaccine hesitancy.

Helping the rest of the world

Dealing with this virus should be a global effort. Even if only one country suffers, the rest of the world is in danger. We can always snap back to where we were a year ago if we can’t find a way to contain the problem now. If using vaccine passports is the way to go, politicians should study the possibility. They shouldn’t be the first option, though. Things might change soon, depending on how the vaccine rollout progresses.

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