Is the Delta variant prevalent in the UK despite mass vaccinations, and thus the same in France?

One variant follows another … On Wednesday, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) estimated that The delta variable must account for 90% new cases of
COVID-19 In the European Union at the end of August. Knowing this now, the alpha variant (formerly known as “British”) is still the majority in this field.

twist it United kingdom. Since its appearance across the English Channel, the delta variant has quickly superseded its predecessor, today accounting for almost all (over 90%) cases included, despite the vaccination campaign.

The Delta variable hampered the British strategy

Several months ago some shouted betrayal and selfishness. always this Boris Johnson agreement with Oxford I made a reservation for a portion of the AstraZeneca doses. While France and many other countries were struggling to provide doses to their populations, the UK was vaccinating
high. Faced with the alpha variant, the government opted for the primary vaccination strategy, by injecting the first dose into as many people as possible. To do this, the time between the two doses was extended. An option that may pay off until the arrival of a new alternative. “Here, the initial vaccination with AstraZeneca is only 30% effective, that is, it is very ineffective,” explains Anne Sénéquier, a researcher and IRIS member. Although a large part of the population has been bitten once (about 80% in the UK), “the risk of contamination remains high”.

At the same time with distrust

Laurent Chambaud, MD, director of the School for Advanced Studies in Public Health (EHESP), confirms this observation: “Without full vaccination, the risk is always there, especially with the new alternative.” In fact, the Delta It will be more contagious than its predecessors, according to a Eurosurveillance study published in June. The director of EHESP points to another reason for the spread of the newcomer: “The UK is not targeting high-risk populations like France, the elderly and vulnerable and the nursing staff. They have opened up vaccination for everyone from the start.”

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The rapid expansion of the delta variable is also a matter of time. It appeared in the middle of spring, coinciding with the chaos in England. The confinement was very strict there, much more so than in France. For three and a half months, the residents barely left. Therefore, there was a great relaxation of wakefulness, barrier gestures … ”, explains Anne Senquier.

Similar situation to coming to France?

The distrust is what the French have been gradually experiencing for several weeks. Opening of restaurants and theaters, The mask that falls… For Anne Sinquier, we must use the British example to remain vigilant: “Summer is coming and with it a little lighter. But we must not forget about important measures, especially with Delta.”

The ECDC declaration proves that, the new alternative is expected to become the majority, even in France: “There is no reason for us to flee,” explains Laurent Chambaud. The number of cases is increasing rapidly: this Wednesday, the government’s spokesman, Gabriel Attal, presented the figure from 9 to 10% of the cases listed in France, compared only to 2 to 4% last week. Scientists are not panicking, but they insist the importance of vaccination, and quickly: “AstraZeneca, or Pfizer, is 92-96% effective against hospitalization risks. But you have to do just that, with both doses,” explains Laurent Chambaud.

full international solidarity

Until herd immunity is achieved – with “at least 80 to 85% of the population vaccinated” – the risks will remain, particularly the emergence of a new, more virulent variant, Anne Senquier asserts. This suggests another strategy to be adopted as soon as possible: the exchange of vaccines. According to her, as long as the virus can spread in the world, as is currently the case, the alternative could challenge the immunity provided by vaccines.

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“Reality Save the vaccines for us In priority it represents a danger from another part of the world. We are in more than three billion doses used in the world. With this amount, we can protect vulnerable people, and healthcare professionals around the world. The result shared by Laurent Chambaud, who advocates in the face of such a pandemic full international solidarity: “It exists in the scientific field, and exchanges are permanent between countries. Now is the time for governments and money to do the same.”

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