Is the content of the platform the same in all countries?

But why is this? Usually it has to do with alliances to license the transmission rights the platform has, since not all of them are always universal. What drives users to use a VPN to access certain content.

Reasons why Netflix differs in all countries

Regional preferences: Although Netflix strives to adapt the service to each region, the content sometimes varies from place to place and is modified from time to time. For example, some series and / or movies that are popular with US users are not popular with UK users.

Rights not available in that area: At this point, the platform ensures that it is possible that the content will not be available in a region because a title cannot be obtained if it is not for sale. That is, you cannot buy the rights of someone who does not want to sell them.

Generally, this happens especially when movies and series are outside the company. But it also happens with Netflix Originals. Well, even though the service operates in more than 190 countries, the difference is that it may not be visible because when it was created, the company was not available at that time in certain countries. Depending on the region, it could take years for Netflix to obtain the licensing rights again.

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