Is native PS3 emulation possible on PlayStation 5? Digital Foundry explains why it’s a more complicated issue than it seems – PlayStation 5

Rumors have suggested that Sony will be working on PS3 compatibility with PlayStation 3, but we at 3DJuegos didn’t pick up on it due to lack of foundation. Today, Digital Foundry talks about the difficulties involved.

Do you miss the PS3 generation and its games? It is normal because there were a large number of high-quality titles. That we can play these video games Playstation 5 Originally, this is not possible today, but it can be done through some selected works. flow If you have a PS Plus Premium contract. Games like Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and others have not been re-released and cannot be played on any Sony platform other than the PS3, now it’s time to address an important issue.

In recent weeks there has been Rumors On which social networks will PlayStation work? Genuine PS3 emulation on PlayStation 5. in 3D games We did not repeat it because there was no basis.But Digital Foundry has addressed this question in One of his latest videos He offered an interesting explanation for why this is so difficult to happen.

We will try to simplify this as much as possible because there is a lot of professional terminology, but hardware and software experts comment that there are a number of terms Technical limitations due to the Cellular processor in the PS3.This would make backwards compatibility with the PS5 difficult, specifically the SPU coprocessors that are part of the CPU cell (these were responsible for graphics processing and other tasks), they say. Wccftech.

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Why don’t many PS3 games work on PS5 natively?

It turns out that this The architecture doesn’t fit well. to modern x86 processors, which causes Performance issuesHowever, one alternative is to launch games that don’t rely heavily on SPUs, but high-end games that benefit from them. The example Digital Foundry gives is Killzone 2, which can never be emulated due to the SPUs, but certain games can be launched with almost no problems.

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