Iran criticizes the Director General of the International Nuclear Organization Prensa Latina

Press TV quoted the Iranian envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency Kazem Gharibabadi as saying that Grossi’s statements to the American weekly Newsweek magazine were harmful.

Gharibabadi referred to the Argentine diplomat’s expression of the need for detailed and technical discussions to locate the unannounced location of uranium by the Persian nation.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency added that the issue is related to the recent development regarding the reactivation of the deteriorating Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the nuclear agreement, according to HispanTV.

“Such interviews will only damage the credibility of the United Nations vis-à-vis the Iranians and eliminate the chances of success of the interaction based initiatives and goodwill,” said Gharibabadi.

The Iranian delegate believes that the Independent Permanent Appeals Committee is complex in its own right, and the strange positions do not help in resolving the ongoing disputes, in reference to the opinions expressed by Grossi.

He indicated not to adhere to outdated accusations to cover up overlooked other issues related to nuclear weapons proliferation, including the record of Israel, the only nuclear-armed country in West Asia.

Tehran and Washington continue to dispute who should take the first step toward sealing the accord, in 2015, from which the northern country withdrew in 2018 at the request of then-President Donald Trump.

Iranian authorities claim that there is no need for negotiations to return the United States to the multilateral treaty, and that after Trump’s sanctions are lifted, it will resume its nuclear commitments.

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However, the White House, now under Joe Biden, is conditional on his return to agree to Iran being the first to return to the original agreement.

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