Iran calls on the United States to return to the nuclear deal – Prensa Latina

The Iranian representative to the United Nations, Majid Tajt Ravanchi, indicated that the new US government, headed by Joe Biden, has announced its desire to return to multilateral approval, but so far there has been no change.

The diplomat believes that the implementation of the commitments does not need any negotiations. He summed up, in statements to the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, that the United States is committed to itself and Iran is doing the same.

Tajt Ravanchi specified that Washington should abide by Security Council Resolution 2231 that protects the agreement concluded in 2015 by Tehran and the P5 + 1 group (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, plus Germany).

However, due to North America leaving the treaty and because it re-imposed sanctions against Iran that were lifted under this agreement, it is now a 4 + 1 group.

Due to the failure of the European signatories in the face of North American pressure, Tehran reduced its nuclear commitments, awaiting a reaction from the old continent’s triad, even though it did not respect the CPA.

At the moment, the United States government is demanding Iran return to the original agreement for return, but the Islamic Republic rightly claims that it is up to the United States to take the first step, as it was the one that abandoned the agreement in 2018..

The Iranian authorities have ratified on several occasions that they will revert to the origin of the agreement when the other signatories do so, and above all, abolish the coercive measures against Tehran.

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