Iran and the United States are forming working groups during the talks in Vienna to return to the nuclear deal

Photo: Spanish squares.

During the talks in Vienna, the United States and Iran agreed, through mediators, to form two working groups to try to convince the two countries once again of the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Working Group.

One group will be responsible for getting the United States to lift the sanctions imposed on the Iranians after the Trump administration leaves the nuclear deal.

The second aims to get Iran to comply with restrictions on uranium enrichment.

The Russian envoy to the talks, Mikhail Ulyanov, said that the meeting was successful, although it will take time to revive the agreement, and the two groups have already started their negotiations.

Working groups will attempt to develop a roadmap for Iran and the United States to again comply with the terms of the agreement simultaneously.

The Russian diplomat explained that even if the two sides reached an understanding, confirmation of Iran’s commitment to uranium enrichment rates would take some time, due to technical complications and lack of confidence on both sides.

President Biden has pledged that the United States will return to the deal, a decision that would mean the removal of some 1,600 sanctions imposed on Iranians after Donald Trump’s withdrawal and attempts to renegotiate through economic pressure.

(With information from The New York Times and Almayadeen EspaƱol)

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