iPhone without a notch and a camera under the screen for the year 2024

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Since its arrival at the end of 2017, the notch hasn’t left the front of the iPhone as the sensors, Face ID, and selfie camera. There are rumors that it will be significantly reduced in size soon, but a full-screen iPhone, from top to bottom of the phone, could arrive in 2024.

So says MingChi Kuo, a well-known technology analyst constantly provides information regarding upcoming releases and new technologies in the Apple ecosystem. According to Kuo, it will be the iPhone 16 that includes both the front camera and Face ID sensors just below the screen, in the higher iPhone models.which means that perhaps in the same year Apple will still release a few iPhones, but only the least expensive models.

One of the biggest challenges with the notch disappearing, Face ID sensors are the main security measure of the iPhone by default. These sensors should perform optimally under any lighting conditions, so Apple will implement changes and improvements in these sensors and their image algorithms before they can be embedded under the display, an importance that Kuo also highlights.

Some rumors suggest that we could see a change in the notch design this year, with iPhone 14 . arrival. But if Kuo’s predictions are correct, its absolute demise won’t come until 2024. After problems with using Face ID while wearing a mask, it’s understandable that Apple is working to prevent issues that could impair the optimal performance of your device. Security system by facial recognition, with the obstacle to be under the screen.[via[vía[عبر[víaMingChi Ko / edge]

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