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The It has become more abundant, as you can access any web page without having to type the address manually. To read it, you must have a mobile device, and if you have a file You do not need to use any software.

As is known, the Iphone They have some features built into their operating system to save users time every time they do some action.

Here’s how you can scan QR codes From you cell phone with in an easy and fast way.


  • The first thing you should do is open a file camera app from your smartphone.
  • Now make sure the camera is in position picture.
  • Next, focus the camera on a file QR Code want to scan.
  • Wait a few seconds for the camera to focus properly.
  • Once completed, a notification will open.
  • Click on it and you will see how the content appears in the browser.

You can perform this trick as many times as you want from your iPhone without using any external software.

These are the functions that disable Low Power Mode on iPhone

  • The always on screen It will be deactivated in this mode, so it will turn off after a few seconds since the user has stopped using the mobile device.
  • The dynamic wallpapers Or the animation will stop moving when Low Power Mode is active.
  • Although it may not seem necessary, a file Screen brightness It is a limiter to run out of battery quickly. Therefore, this light will become dimmer; However, you can always change it from your iPhone settings.
  • The 5G connection It will no longer work in low power mode. However, users will still be able to use the 4G connection for other activities.
  • If Low Power Mode is activated, the file iPhone screen will be locked After 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • The Background updates It will stop happening, because these consume a lot of battery.
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While there are still more features that Low Power Mode disables, these were the highlights that you should be aware of if you want to enable this feature on your mobile device.

This must be done if your iPhone is not updated to IOS 16

Before following these steps, make sure that you have a good internet connection and that your iPhone battery is full.

  • From you iOS cell phonego to the Settings app.
  • Next, enter the section general.
  • From the available options, select system update.
  • Now, you will see the version appear iOS 15.7.1Compatible with iPhones that cannot update to iOS 16.
  • You will have to follow the steps to proceed with the installation.
  • Wait a few minutes and voila.

From now on, you will not have to worry about the security and maintenance of your iPhone operating system.

How to know which apps are consuming more battery power on iPhone

  • The first step is to enter Settings app from your iPhone.
  • After that, click on the option drums.
  • Now, a graph will appear indicating a file battery level and the Playing sports.
  • Also, at the bottom you will see the battery usage of each app.
  • You will have to scroll down to see each app and the percentage of battery consumed.

This way, you will be able to find out which apps are causing the battery consumption faster and thus control their usage.

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