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It is a UAZ recognized program in Conacyt Quality Postgraduate Courses

Zacatecas, Zack. The Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), through the Academic Unit of Social Sciences (UACS), brings together all persons with academic training in any of the social sciences disciplines, such as: sociology, economics, history, philosophy, political science, anthropology and law, among others Others, to be part of the Master of Social Sciences generation 2022-2024.

The said master’s degree is a program recognized in the National Quality Council Graduate Program Register, scholastic and research-oriented; It is studied in four semesters in which the process of research, lessons, writing, exhibitions, academic residencies and publication of results are combined, and in which a rigorous evaluation of the public seminars takes place.

For the entry profile, the applicant must have an academic background in one of the social sciences disciplines, must demonstrate correct oral and written expression, including reading texts in English and have a minimum of eight at undergraduate level. In the case of aliens, equivalent in size.

Likewise, the interested person must demonstrate the capacity for abstract reasoning and a willingness to scientific research into social phenomena and the theories affecting them; Modify his research protocol with generation lines and apply knowledge in this programme, so he must demonstrate an interest in the study of social problems and a tendency to develop proposals for solutions collectively, as well as a willingness and ability to read academic texts. To work individually and as a team.

The selection process takes place in three stages: the first is the passing of the skills test with 80% correct answers, the second is the approval of the preparatory course and the third stage is the letter of approval from the search committee and the potential director of. hypothesis.

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Applications will be received from February 28 to April 8, the entrance examination will be held on May 6, the preparatory course will be from May 30 to June 24, the list of accepted students will be announced on May 29, and the start of the semester will be August 15. It should be noted that space is limited.

Accepted applicant has access to Conacyt or Clacso Maintenance Scholarship for long-registered students, to refer to this information, you can visit the page

For more information, the full call, dates, costs and requirements can be found on the page Or through the numbers +52 (492) 92 5 66 90 ext. 2850. Your partner in social media marketing

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