Investors are suing Astrazeneca for failing vaccine trials

AstraZeneca A lawsuit was filed against her by a pension fund on behalf of investors who claimed they incurred losses due to the company’s failure to test for a coronavirus vaccine.

For most of the past year, it has been the pharmaceutical company, its headquarters Cambridge (United Kingdom), has made significant progress in developing its vaccine and announced that it has signed contracts to supply 400 million doses.

However, in November, a number of questions about the vaccine arose when the company released results of its initial trials.

Among other things, experts and healthcare professionals have criticized the tests for the lack of data on the effectiveness of the vaccine in people over the age of 55.

Doubts about the results

They also raised doubts about the results of a trial that indicated that the vaccine was 90% effective for those who received the first dose, but was only 62% effective for those who received the double dose.

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Astrazeneca shades in the main pollen week

In the three days following the publication of the results, at the end of November, Astrazeneca shares were down 5%, according to Tuesday’s lawsuit filed by the province’s public employee retirement system. MonroeAnd the Michigan, in the United States.

Citing “unlawful acts and omissions” on the part of the company and its board of directors, the pension fund requests permission to file a lawsuit on behalf of all investors affected by the drop in stock prices.

For her part, Astrazeneca declined to comment. The company’s vaccine is given in the UK, but it has not yet been approved for use in Europe or the US.

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