Investigations continue to locate Colin Armstrong, UK Honorary Consul, kidnapped in Los Rios | Security | News

The tasks undertaken by staff of the National Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Investigation Unit (Unase) in locating Colin Armstrong, the Honorary British Consul, who was kidnapped early on Saturday 16 December, remain confidential.

The 78-year-old businessman was kidnapped from his farm located in Papa Canton, Los Rios Province. Apparently, more than a dozen antisocials entered the farm around 3:00 a.m. and took him and a Colombian national away.

The kidnapping of the Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom takes place around the world through various means

It was unofficially revealed that she would no longer be kidnapped, but this information has not been confirmed by the police.

Armstrong heads a company dedicated to the distribution of agricultural products. The man’s kidnapping has spread throughout the world, through various means.

The UK Honorary Consul, Colin Armstrong, is kidnapped in Los Rios

Since Saturday night, news has spread on social media that he has already been released, but that information turned out to be false.

There has been no statement yet from the local authorities or the United Kingdom regarding the kidnapping of the honorary consul.

The kidnapping of the businessman has raised alarm in Los Rios province, a coastal region affected by illegal actions committed by organized crime groups (GDO).

As a result of the kidnapping, a video clip of what would be the house from which the foreigner was kidnapped was spread on platform X, formerly Twitter. (Yo)

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