Interview with Los Piranhas

May the rhythms of life and celebrations never stop.

With a group of projects divided among members, Piranha fishof Colombian origin, have managed to diversify their music across the globe, blurring borders and moving audiences with their psychedelic creations.

He was Pedro And The devil In this interview, who shared with us the current vision for their project, the members are excited to return for the next version of hypnosis Now with Piranha fishrecalling his visit with Lightning breakers In the final edition, which had a wonderful finale that set the mood for the audience to end the evening. The essence they pour into each of their projects is amazing, every head is a world and these worlds are connected at the same time, adding soul to the music.

Intuitively, the thing that helps us a lot in dividing influence is styles, certain styles have certain formats that serve as boundaries or a limit for them to be able to express themselves within that framework and also what happens randomly, every project has a certain specificity of sound, there are musical and artistic ideas that are the best. Piranha fishothers that fit better Lightning breakersand others with Combero front also MeridianEvery project has its own sound, and it’s important to say that the musical sound of each project is what makes it Piranha fish Be very special, the combination of those three sounds.

It is necessary to open the way for the interaction they have with their audience, although it can become something more intimate and personal or to have a party united by the joy they convey;

We try to understand the type of audience, it depends a lot on the number of people and whether it is an open or closed space, one notices that there are certain parameters to the scene, when it is open it is more impersonal and you have to have a more powerful and powerful sound, and “when it is closed, “You can do more intimate things.”

Climbing across different parts of the planet sets the tone for his fans’ reaction – being in the tropical cradle of South America will never be the same as being in Europe, for example.

The audience does change, although the form is similar, everywhere their psyche changes a little, some tend to relate more to rave-like dance and electronic music and there are others, especially here in Latin America and the United States where the trend is more the roots of the Latin model, the dance, And knowing the symbols of salsa and cumbia, that’s what makes the difference.

One of the many achievements of Latin American music is to maintain tradition but with this drive of wanting to make a difference and creating styles with its own character.

The presence of traditional Colombian musicians at commercial festivals is becoming increasingly noticeable, which is something I celebrate and bear witness to the fact that paradigms are changing.”

Purely instrumental songs may have extra work to get a message across, or without much background, they are just letting it flow and presenting that work to the audience.

The way of seeing cumbia goes from the universal to the specific, specifically through the lack of words we use templates, in the last two decades we started from a generic cumbia thing to something very good, certain rhythms and it’s about transferring a component of what rock music was before, we use the same Standards that have been imposed on us for nearly 40 years. For 50 years, as a culture, as a rock attitude, we’ve been trying to get back to cumbia and its gradations.

Without further ado, Piranha fish They show a lot of affection for Mexico and want to do an exceptional job in their next show Hypnosis 2023.

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