Interruption, change and realism in award season

Jorge Soroco / La Paz

For decades, the early months of the year were devoted to movie parties. The Golden Globes, Oscar, BAFTA and Goya staged their parties amid high expectations, but the pandemic changed everything and a series of events caused the 2022 season to be full of controversy and organizational changes.

One of the most shocking events was the boycott against the Golden Globes, which was delivered on Sunday the ninth in a semi-hidden manner.

This is because the regulator of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is facing corruption allegations. An open secret that turned the past year into a howl of rage.

The controversy erupted when the Los Angeles Times revealed that the suspicious nominations received by the series Emily in Paris, suspected of being submitted due to its racist presentation of the French capital, were linked to a visit by members of the HFPA to Paris with the permission of its producers and this includes hotel accommodation for 1,400 dollars a night .

Other awards have faced important decisions to continue to attract audiences, despite the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and especially the Covid-19 pandemic.

For her, the Goya Awards, in the categories of the best Ibero-American and European films, will be handed out approximately this year. Candidates will not be able to attend the ceremony to be held on February 12th.

The decision was made unanimously by the board of directors of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to avoid risks due to the necessary mobility that these teams could mean, as they are all outside Spain, according to EFE sources. Institute.

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A measure affecting the bands CanciĆ³n sin nombre (Peru), Mountain of Dreams (Chile), Las siamesas (Argentina), and Los lobos (Mexico), in the case of Ibero-American films. And The Perfect Guy (Germany), Goodbye, Idiots (France), Another Tour (Denmark) and A Promising Young Woman (UK), in the Best European Film category.

Attendees will also be asked for negative PCR tests and the number of people who will be able to enter the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia, where the 36th edition of the Goya Awards will take place, will be reduced.

In the case of the Oscars, the main changes, for now, focus on the ceremony. Four years later, the Hollywood mainstay will once again be the master of festivities.

The news was revealed this week, prompting specialized media to speculate who will be chosen for the position. There are many names on the list, but the one who seems strong is Tom Holland.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the hero of the novel “Spider-man Without A Way Home” has dropped hints about this possibility. Although the academy has not yet judged this matter.

The March 27 concert will be the first since 2018 to contain evidence. The absence of this number is due to the fact that in 2019 actor Kevin Hart was suspended for homophobic comments he posted on his social networks.

The changes are not limited to Hollywood and Spain. The BAFTAs, the main awards in British cinema, were also applied. In this case it is the system of showing films to the judges.

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Until last year this was done by sending tablets to judges. But the British Academy now has its own closed platform.

This made delivery times even tighter. Which hurt Sony, who didn’t stick to the rules, leaving Spider-man out of the race.

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