Interesting UK start-ups to keep an eye on in 2022

From time to time, readers of columns in newspapers can read article after article by pundits lamenting over the fact that the UK does not produce anything anymore. The factories have shut, and UK has completely made the switch to being an information society and economy instead of a production one.

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But that does not mean that British ingenuity is dead. Far from it. Even though many of the factories of the olden days are shut for good and have left many communities with both a sense of loss and lack of clear direction for the future, UK is making strides in the world of tech. UK has produced some real powerhouses when it comes to international commerce such as casinos found at a casino comparison sites such as Spinsify and many more. In this article we’ve selected some interesting UK start-ups in a variety of different fields.


Infogrid was founded in 2018 and is based in London. The company is developing systems to automate building management with the goal of saving time for property managers. Due to the ease of being able to integrate the AI-technology with pre-existing systems Infogrid’s product is easy to install and use. Even though the company is only four years old, they have already managed to attract several big investors, with the total amount raised currently sitting at 15 million pounds.

The Small Robot Company

The name of the company offers up a hint of their business idea. The Small Robot Company builds just that: small robots. Based in Salisbury, the company aims to help farmers make better yields and increase profits. Farming might seem relatively simple at first glance, but is an extremely complex science. Due to climate change and lacking support from the government, UK farmers are in a tough spot at the minute. Using robots, farmers can analyse when a crop has reached its maximum yield and begin their harvest.

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Continuing the robot trend, we find the start-up Karakuri. Founded in 2018, this is a small robotics company focused on making robots to be used in commercial kitchens. The goal is to automate most of the menial jobs done in a kitchen. This mainly revolves around ingredient prep, something that can take hours for chefs to do. This must be done every single day and is part of why many chefs work such gruelling hours. With robots, the process can be automated which in turn can lead to better working conditions for chefs while still allowing them to do what they do best: cook incredible food.

Fundamental VR

VR has been in vogue for some time, but it is only recently that we have been able to see some real progress in the world of business. Fundamental VR develops programs that are meant to be used in the training of surgeons. The goal is to create a risk-free environment where surgeons can train in life-like environments before moving on to actual patients.

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