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With the aim of bringing girls and teens closer to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Ingenieros, with the support of Bank of America, launched its new platform., It contains the first science and technology simulator in Latin America, completely free and digital, called Virtual STEM Laboratory.

This simulator is available 100% online to recreate experiences and activities that use technological and scientific pieces and thus simulate exercises that were done in the past in person. Its digital format allows young people from all regions of Chile to be invited to participate.

This simulator was created so that more girls and teens can connect with science and technology, and discover the possibilities that STEM offers them, considering that women still represent less than 34% of all researchers, and only 12% have graduated from careers Information and Communication Technology and 17% of engineering graduates according to UN Women survey data.

Remotely, the platform offers activities, tutorials, and program proposals, which in addition to guiding students, also fulfill the function of guiding teachers and parents in promoting STEM careers, with the aim of breaking gender stereotypes that alienate girls in science and technology.

“We saw the need to reach more girls and teens by inspiring them in STEM fields, which is why we decided to expand our goals and expand the workshops and other resources that we as Ingeniosa have been doing to reach other regions in Chile and Latin America. In this way, We created this virtual platform with inspirational materials and a simulator that brings together at one meeting point, different topics from STEM,” explains Ingenionales President, Maitxu Larraechea. He adds, “The focus is on inspiration, learning, and practice. With the innovative simulator, you can explore and learn about tools used in science and technology, but online, as well as practice trial and error to achieve great results.”

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This emulator and the entire platform are created within the plan of expanding the reach of Ingeniosa in Latin America, accompanied by Bank of America, which aims to reach both Chile and countries such as Argentina and Colombia, both digitally (with the platform), as in person after the pandemic .

“At Bank of America, we are convinced of the importance of collaborating on initiatives to advance science, technology, engineering and mathematics in all audiences, and above all for science and technology to reach women and girls around the world. The Ingeniosa simulator will allow us to reach other parts of Chile and Latin America, and inspire girls in STEM fields, but above all, reaching girls who previously did not have access to this kind of knowledge.We are pleased to contribute to this initiative that will bring science and technology closer together so that in the future they can consider them as a possibility bridging the existing gender gap and the contribution of our organization to moving toward a more diverse and inclusive society,” explains Ravi Daga, Country Technology Manager (NoBraMex) at Bank of America.

Under the motto “Get Inspired, Innovate, and Practice,” contains content for girls and teens such as inspiring stories, profiles and biographies of accomplished women, and career guidance and simulator. While for parents, the platform offers guidance to accompany young women on the journey, for educators there are guides available to discover the importance of guiding students in STEM.

Science and technology at one meeting point

As they explain from the organization, what distinguishes Ingenieros’ STEM lab from other simulators, is that the focus is not just on technology or electronics, but that these topics are integrated into other STEM fields that are closer to girls, such as nature. Sciences. This allows them to be linked from their scientific tastes, to one of the fields that are less similar in STEM subjects – only 5% of women work in technology according to ACTI data.

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“In our workshops with the virtual simulator, girls can learn about scientific topics such as changes in the state of matter, and then experiment by creating an electronic device to produce these changes. This allows us to attract girls with scientific knowledge of physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology and biology that are most exciting to us. them, and combining it with trainings in technology, math, electronics, and robotics that seem to them to be masculine fields. We use science as a catalyst for interest in STEM that helps them change their attitude and perceptions toward these fields,” explains Project Leader, Ingeniosa Content Director Catherine Vergara. He adds that “connecting science and technology at one meeting point becomes a tremendous opportunity for education with a gender perspective, considering that in the 2019 SIMCE exam, the Ministry of Education found that there is no difference between the results of girls and boys when they are working in science.”

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