INE prepares budget “around the clock” to cancel potential mandate

Principal Adviser to National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Cordova, reported that the National Electoral Institute is working “reversing time” on the budget and guidelines for a final process to revoke the mandate set out in the constitution.

In the face of criticism from some Morena legislators, in the sense that the National Electoral Institute intends to usurp legislative functions to organize de-authorization consultation, the chairperson of that independent body, Cordova Vianello, has made it clear that the only intention is to draft a budget in accordance with the needs and that is why she is working on the guidelines to exercise He said Citizen participation.

In a video posted on social media, the president’s advisor recalls it Union Congress She did not comply with her obligation to legislate to organize the consultations to repeal the mandate, but stressed that the guidelines set by the National Elections Institute should be subject to the regulatory law that will be approved by deputies and senators at that time.

“We must be clear: The National Electoral Institute does not intend to legislate or replace Congress in its constitutional powers and prerogatives, it has been argued, but it also cannot, by delays not attributable to it, directly threaten the final investigation of this practice by failing to make the necessary provisions Pending a by-law to repeal the mandate that was supposed to have been issued more than 430 days ago, as the term stipulated by the Constitution.However, we will prove in these Guidelines that once a by-law has been passed, they must always adjust to what the legislature at that time determines Cordova Vianello said.

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In addition, he said that these guidelines, made up of a series of rules and procedures, are necessary from now on to be able to maintain the required budget “for democratic practice of similar proportions to those of the federal electoral process.”

He said that their presence will allow all preparatory activities That the National Institute of Statistics begin to proliferate so as not to make its implementation physically impossible due to delays.

“It is the National Energy Institute’s duty and authority to prepare its draft budget for the following fiscal year and hand it over to the Ministry of Finance no later than August 28, so the General Council planned to discuss and approve the project on Friday 27 of the budget as guidelines for possible consultation on revoking the mandate,” he explained.

Lorenzo Cordova noted that the National Electoral Institute will implement “with all legitimacy, certainty and professionalism” the practices of participatory democracy promoted by citizens and the powers of the Federation.

He stressed that, in compliance with recent rulings of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), the amount of resources needed to regulate both the repeal process has been considered in the 2022 draft budget, as far as possible popular consultations may be requested, both by citizens and by the executive and legislative branches.

He explained that “providing these resources will allow the institute to organize these exercises in a timely and sure manner, and if they are not implemented, these amounts will be fully compensated to the treasury of the Federation.”

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Finally, he noted that the NIE would be attentive to the decisions of the legislature and to ultimately promote the said processes of direct democracy, and would “continue to report with full transparency on its actions and approved agreements in the General Council.”


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