Inditex 'consolidates' Oysho's leap into sports with its first store in the UK

Until quite some time ago, Oysho presented itself as the intimate fashion brand of the Inditex group. A category of which, following a path of evolution as natural as its own, embracing the consequences of the real pandemic, and everything that implicitly ended up in the middle, the company ended up growing until it completely ended the decline in the sports fashion sector. Which is where it has now emerged once again to strengthen itself, with the opening of its first physical store in the UK.

In this way, after launching their own – and free – training app in mid-September in which they demonstrated their firm decision to fully open up the sports sector and leave aside its value as a chain of only pajamas and underwear, on Friday, March 3, the first Oysho store was opened in the country. It finally opens to the public in the UK. The facility is located within Westfield London Shopping Centre, a shopping complex located in London's upscale Shepherd's Bush district, on the north bank of the River Thames, where Oysho has landed a store with 330 square meters of commercial space. A space built on a total of two floors, organized with a first access floor in which the most technical and specialized sportswear collections are arranged, that is, those specifically aimed at fitness and sports such as yoga, running, tennis or many other disciplines; With a first upper floor dedicated to informal and lifestyle groups. This department, as the chain's management has already told us, will eventually be reinforced with seasonal collections, such as those of the swimwear and beachwear lines that will end up in the foundation in conjunction with each new spring-summer campaign.

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Image source: The first Oysho store in the UK, inside the Westfield London shopping center in London. Photography courtesy.

“With this opening, Oysho reaffirms its orientation towards the world of sports and reinforces the renewed image of the brand and its new concept of shopping experience,” defended Oysho management through a statement. A renewed impetus in its attack to establish itself as a reference brand in the thriving sports fashion sector, for a commitment that the chain's management is also trying to fight for through every end of its commercial network. Today the structure consists of 457 stores spread over 56 countries, starting only from the 217 markets in which the chain remains active through the online channel, with the help of 48 platforms specialized in several markets and an international version for which it is responsible. To cover requests received from a total of 169 countries in different regions of the world.

With free Wi-Fi and new solutions for a more immersive, multi-channel shopping experience

With an exterior that strikingly draws attention due to its 8-meter-high glass casing, an exterior that allows you to visualize the entire interior space, cleanly illuminated by an LED lighting system and built of remarkable simple lines and a very refined industrial aesthetic, in addition to being the first of the series to open Opening its doors in the UK, the new Oysho establishment also features the shopping experience that the chain's management has tried to provide. A process through which they tried to implement a large part of the solutions and tools that had already been developed and put into practice by other chains of the Inditex Group.

Thus, completing the offer that from a commercial point of view will be responsible for keeping the interest of customers awake at all times to continue coming to this establishment, from the store will be offered to all potential buyers, free access to Wi-Fi, as well as the option to proceed with an independent purchase. Completely, by using the three self-checkout stations located within the facility. A service that ended up being added to the options offered by this new space as well, to go ahead and make a purchase through the “Click&Collect” option, which through the store mode of the Oysho app will allow customers to purchase the stock available at the establishment online and receive their purchases within an hour; Use “In-Store Delivery” to collect online orders from the store; Or keep a digital track of all your purchases thanks to Oysho ID which allows you to store all your new purchase receipts in digital format within your account in the Oysho app.

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“The space features a shopping experience, where the customer can discover the collection through the new form of display,” notes the sports fashion chain, highlighting how “the store has free Wi-Fi and three self-checkout stations that allow you to complete your purchase independently.” and “Avoid waiting.”

Image source: The first Oysho store in the UK, inside the Westfield London shopping center in London.  Photography courtesy.
Image source: The first Oysho store in the UK, inside the Westfield London shopping center in London. Photography courtesy.
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