Indigenous movement calls for peace in Ecuador

The request was made by the leaders of the Council of Evangelical Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of Ecuador (FINE) and the President of Cony, Leonidas Iza, given the new possibility of resuming the suspended dialogue with the Executive.

In the Basilica of the National Voting, which was hosting the talks in the center of the capital, Iza affirmed that the indigenous movement still stands in struggle, resistance and efforts, despite its denigration, criminalization, stigmatization and humiliation. persecuted.

Along the same lines, he called for the establishment of wills to ensure calm in the country, which has been witnessing a popular uprising since June 13, to think about the balance of a multicultural society.

We do not accept that they demand peace only from those of us who have dominated them. Peace for all. There can be no social class that looks at us from the shoulder down and pretends this is normal.”

He also considered that the struggle is precisely because of the lack of peace in economic, health and educational issues, and in this sense he called on those who expect a new mobilization in the provinces to hold marches of dignity and rebellion without confrontations.

He also said they are asking for results for the 10-point agenda proposed to the Executive for a year, without resolutions.

He warned that the idea was to go back to their places and bring the results of the last days’ struggle to the bases.

Regarding the government’s position, he indicated that his statements have changed, but the social organizations maintain their discourse, as they stressed the need to end the dialogue on the basis of the progress made in the initial stage. We will participate in the process of concluding this dialogue with results that we call upon the state authorities. He stressed that there are no more excuses and no more conditions.

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Isa repeated the call to those mobilized outside Quito to cast combative situations, always with dignity and rebellion, bearing in mind that they are people who build better days.

We ask the public to remain calm. Let us ensure this process without losing our mind, without losing our dignity, and always standing up.”

Demonstrations are planned for the day in the capital and other cities, as well as a march from Cotopaxi to Quito, while the Episcopal Conference, the new guarantor of the talks, defines the actors, delegates, themes and methodology.

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