Indigenous authorities condemn the harassment of the Special Tribunal for Guatemala

Its officials have responsibly performed their duty, abided by the law, the ancestral organization considered in reference to the attacks of the Public Prosecution Service (MP) against the registry of citizens in the entity responsible for the voting process.

He explained in a statement that no one is obligated to comply with illegal orders, especially if they come from corrupt people linked to organized crime and sectors that violate human rights.

He expressed deep concern about the continuing violations of the provisions of the Constitution by the deputy and the president of the Seventh Criminal Court, Freddy Orellana.

The Council stressed that they seek to violate the basic right of Guatemalans to vote and run, and to protect officials from the system of corruption and impunity that prevailed in Guatemala in recent governments.

He added in the text that they are desperately seeking to cling to power to continue looting and seizing the people’s money.

He called on the Constitutional Court to ensure compliance with the law on elections and political parties, the second round of voting, and to provide legal protection to the Supreme Election Court.

Indigenous authorities blamed the Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, Head of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity, Rafael Korochichi, and Orellana for the crisis they had caused.

They supported the work of international election observation missions and requested that relevant complaints be submitted to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

They demanded the resignations of Porras, Kuroshichi and Orellana for their “dishonest, illegal and publicly undemocratic actions”, while expressing solidarity with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and were supportive of its defense of the citizens’ vote.

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The 48 cantons called on other indigenous peoples, the general population and social organizations to demonstrate and join the struggle for respect for democracy and the popular will expressed at the ballot box.

They announced the permanent meeting and affirmed their readiness to “take the necessary measures to defend democracy, the popular will, and the future dignity of our families and our country.”

For a democratic Guatemala free from corruption and dictatorships, the local authorities after the uproar created by the deputy cleared themselves of their questionable investigation with the Cid party as the center.

Bernardo Arevalo, the candidate for the presidency of this force described as progressive, continues his campaign towards suffrage, in a duel against former First Lady Sandra Torres, of the National Unity of Hope.


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