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During the recent celebration of Day of the Deadthe Embassy of Mexico He created two altars, one dedicated to the stage and film actor Ignacio López Tarso and the other to the Guatemalan composer, producer, teacher and arranger Guillermo de León Ruiz. They both died in 2023.

Tarso is considered “one of the most important actors on the Mexican scene of the 20th century” and de León Ruiz was “in contact with the national instrument (the marimba) and was the author of such arias as Las chancletas de Nayo Capero and Bailando.” con la llorona and Rabín Ajaw,” he referred to the diplomatic representation of the neighboring country.

The agenda of the traditional celebration, with pre-Hispanic roots and religious syncretism, included a musical program featuring Marian Corzo, the Guatemalan soprano, composer and producer, as well as a women’s marimba concert from the Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCD).. Also present were Abraham Paredes, National Mariachi Artist, Estudiantina Magdel.

In the presented repertoire, one can enjoy La llorona, La Calaca, Amor siempre, Bésame Mucho, Luna de Xelajú, Cielito linda, Cucurrucú paloma, among other compositions.

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