India and China conclude withdrawal from the border conflict zone – Prensa Latina

Zee News Agency reflected that after the end of the first phase of the two armies’ withdrawal from the Panjung Lake District in the eastern part of Ladakh province in northern India, the tenth round of talks between the high command will be held on Saturday.

The first images of the withdrawal, which were shared by the Indian army, showed the departure of the infantry, the dismantling of the tents of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the transfer of the cargo as it moved to the rear areas.

For the first time, Entantu China confirmed that five of its officers and soldiers were killed in the bloody clash in the Jilwan valley, east of Ladakh, with the Indian army in June 2020.

20 Indian soldiers were killed in the clash in the Jalwan Valley, the worst clash in more than four decades on the border between the two neighboring countries.

The two most populous nuclear-powered nations on Earth have agreed to return their forces to their positions before the border conflict that erupted in May last year.

According to the local press, the plan is for China to give up an area on the northern shore of Lake Panjung, while India will retreat from the prime position it occupied on the southern side of the aquifer last August.

The two sides are conducting close consultations at the diplomatic and military levels, after their forces engaged in violent clashes.

Last September, the foreign ministers of the two countries met in Moscow, on the sidelines of a ministerial meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and there they agreed to withdraw troops and take measures to restore peace.

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Since June 2020, nine meetings have been held at the level of the Army Corps Commander. Another 25 contacts have occurred online or over the phone.

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