Increasing the budget in private education does not mean improvements

Although the Ministry of Public Education this year (September(Reducing nearly half of the funds allocated to the Special Education Services Enhancement Program)PFSEE), by 2023 asked and received A budget of 725 million 690 thousand 403 pesosto me Expense budget It was approved by the House of Representatives.

Despite the fact that the increase in PFSEE can be seen as good news, the manner in which the federal administration has exercised public spending on private education forces us to review whether the more than 700 million pesos will translate into improvements for girls, children and children. Adolescents with disabilities, confirmed Fernando Ruiz, director of research at Mexicans first.

Hopefully, this special education budget isn’t going to be for sermons. The concern stems to some extent from the logic of implementing spending, which in the past two years has seen very strong reductions during the fiscal year when collection expectations were not met and ended up affecting the approved amounts.

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PFSEE has been the hardest hit in its spending practice this year. Although the program budget was 680 million 71 thousand 220 pesos, in practice cut 332.5 millionwhich is why he is left with only an executable bag of 347 million 571 thousand 220 pesos, data indicates A report on the economic situation, public finances and public debt Corresponding to the third quarter of 2022 delivered by the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) to Congress.

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Without justification from the SEP of the reasons for the cut, Ruiz said, the decision becomes completely arbitrary.

“This could happen again next year, especially when there are very optimistic expectations about spending to ensure the continuity and stability of tax revenues,” the researcher said.

If the approved 725 million is not enough by itself for the more than 6,400 schools serving students with disabilities in the country, Ruiz outlined, then budget cuts deepen the education gap.

Notable promises

He also called on Ruiz to remember the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He has another pending special education.

“The promise made by this government was the commitment to develop a national strategy for educational inclusion that not only established the need to establish schools that serve children and adolescents with disabilities, but also had to build a series of structures for the rest of the schools to be enabled to receive these students.”

After four years of governance, the strategy still holds.

“It was forgotten, it did not have a corresponding financial budget, and there is no program that you can identify in Ramo 11, which is the one for schools. This seems to us to be a very strong omission that the Stakeholder Participation Plan (SEP) does not comply with the commitments in the reforms,” The specialist insisted.

without making basic modifications Accessibility infrastructure in schools Ruiz noted – in the absence of a budget – that special education schools were created to receive non-disabled students, inclusive education will remain only on paper.

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“It means that all primary schools not only have student accessibility infrastructure adjustments in schools, but also special education schools have been opened up for students who want to be in this type of institution, and that is nothing to prevent. It prevents more than limited perspectives not Still of the opinion that people with disabilities should receive care separately from the rest of the students.”

He added that there has been no increase in multiple attention centers or in regular education support service units, which are measures that are inconsistent with caring for underdevelopment and the capabilities of people with disabilities.

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