In Veracruz, a man was arrested for killing journalists

The Veracruz Public Prosecutor’s Office reported on Monday that it had arrested Armando “In”, known as “The Trascapo,” who is potentially responsible for the murders of journalists Yesenia Molenedo Falcone and Sheila Johana García Oliveira.

The Foundation indicated that the detainee will appear in a preliminary hearing before the trial and the oral criminal procedure judge, so that he can determine his legal status.

The arrest was made by members of the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (KUNAS), who worked in coordination with the State Prosecutor’s Office, federal and state forces.

On May 9, the portal manager honestYesenia Molenedo Falcone, and reporter Sheila Johana García Oliveira, in Cosoliacque, Veracruz.

Both were attacked with firearms while they were in the parking lot of the store.

Days later, on May 17, the prosecutor admitted Wrongful detention of a person believed to be involved in the case. Release the man. Now, Armando “In”‘s arrest is the second in this case.

Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world to practice journalism. From 2000 to date, more than 150 journalists have been murdered in its territory.

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