“In the United States, I was able to work a lot on the mental side” – Al Toque Deportes

Joaquin Salom He prepared during this season with an important goal in his head: BMX World Cup Which took place a little over a month ago in Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States.

However, some of this work was thrown overboard. After passing the qualifying rounds in the men’s championship category 17-24 years old, The International Cycling Union (UCI) canceled the qualifying rounds due to bad weather conditions In Rock Hill.

Talk to him about it Talk Sports Driver from Rio Cuarto: “The Rock Hill World Championship was a strange experience. It was not what we expected, lap and lap she started to perform very well, achieving second place in the qualifying rounds. When we were about to start the race in the Round of 16, the UCI decided to cancel it. I came to rowing with a shoulder injury, It has taken a lot of work and time and is not finished, so I don’t know where I stand.“.

Joaquín Salom, BMX racer from Rio Cuarto.

This is Salom’s first year in the juniors: “There are a lot of changes, it’s not the same when going from the amateurs to the championships,” he pointed out. “This shoulder injury hurts a lot, some days I feel very sore and other days I’m fine, it’s hard to deal with.

Due to the right shoulder injury, Salom’s next schedule is uncertain: “I am seeing some doctors, physical therapists and kinesiologists in hopes of recovery without having to undergo surgery on my right shoulder.. We are trying our best to do it in the best way and trying to speed up the pace. If you have surgery, the idea is to have it done within this month, as it will take about five months to recover. If I don’t do that, I will continue with the regional championship and the national championship in Santiago del Estero. We also have to see the opportunity to return to the United States to compete in the Grand Nationals, where I was second last year.“.

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Since the end of 2023, Salloum has been suffering from an injury to his right shoulder.

The man from Rio Cuarto spent several months in the United States, where he worked with coaches from that country: “My time in the United States taught me the physical part and, above all, the mental part.. The level I am exposed to requires you to be prepared in this aspect. There are many laps, many drivers, many workloads and race days. It’s one of the strongest points I was able to work on while I was there.“, He expressed.

Regarding the difference between training in the United States and training in Rio Cuarto, Salom confirmed: “There I am 100% dedicated to the sport of BMX, from the moment I wake up until the moment I sleep. This allows you to focus fully. Here in Rio Cuarto I go to school in person and have to train regularly, plus I have a life here.

The pilot from Rio Cuarto will evaluate his physical condition to continue his 2024 calendar.

Aside from injury and the cancellation of the World Cup, Salom was able to participate in many competitions this season: “I played national dates in Argentina, achieved all the finals and the podium in Bahía Blanca. I am at the top and in a good level. You should always try to gloss over some issues. After the World Cup, I was able to run in Nashville, where I entered the finals and ran with the runner-up badge for the USA that I earned last year. It was a joy to the soul in a complicated year“.

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