In the UK they warn of interruptions in rail traffic

Television in the capital reported that the RMT union’s Christmas strike on the rail network ended early Tuesday, and traffic was only expected to return to normal during the day.

Meanwhile, new strikes of individual railway companies were announced.

On Monday night, the TSSA union launched a 24-hour strike at the cross-country rail operator, which runs major long-distance services.

Meanwhile, TSSA members of Great Western Railway and West Midlands Trains, who are responsible for training, supervision, communications and other tasks, plan to suspend operations for a day from midday on Wednesday.

Britain’s Department of Transport has urged unions to call off strikes and accept the proposal for a private rail tariff.

However, as the cost of living rises, representatives of the transport unions are asking company management for big pay increases and, in the face of widespread austerity measures, increased job security.

For this reason, the RMT union has already announced new strikes in early January.

As The Guardian points out, there are currently huge problems on Britain’s rail network, and more than half of the trains leaving 15 mainline stations this year have suffered delays or other failures.

According to experts, the problems are related to the privatization of railway companies, which has led to higher costs and government subsidies.

In addition, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic, has exacerbated the UK’s labor shortage.


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