In the UK they see the signing of Fernando Alonso by Red Bull as ‘possible’

A British journalist specializing in Formula 1 confirms that the key to Alonso’s signature is in the contract

option Fernando Alonso to Red Bull It has gained strength in recent days. This rumor spread like wildfire In England they confirm that it is “possible.” The Asturian arrives in the Austrian national team. The two-time world champion will be relegated to the current constructors’ champion and the great dominance of the championship, taking the seat that Sergio “Chico” Perez will leave for free, since the Mexican’s continuity in it is unknown despite having a valid contract.

In the pasture F1 There is no talk of anything else at the moment other than a possible signing Fernando Alonso by Red Bull. In fact, famous journalist like Joe Sawardwhich has been in this world since 1988, confirms that it is possible to change labels using “Chico” Perez The key lies in the terms that both pilots include in their contracts. Although at the same time, the British journalist realizes that the Spaniard’s departure will be a severe blow to Aston Martin.

«This would strengthen the champion team at the same time It will blow a torpedo-sized hole in the Aston Martin Challenge. The Greens have hit the ground running this season, after a hot start, and it’s hard to imagine that Lance Stroll will step up and lead the team to glory. “The most experienced driver is… Sergio Perez,” Saward begins.

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The famous British journalist, author of seven books about Formula 1, gave the key in his “Green Notebook” to Fernando Alonso’s arrival at Red Bull: “Multi-year contracts traditionally contain options and when Fernando He signed for Aston Martin, and they needed him more than he needed them… so maybe he got the terms he wanted. I’m pretty sure that He wanted an exit strategy in case the team didn’t do much».

It would be a logical move for Red Bull Because Perez didn’t do what he should have done and even though Daniel Ricciardo’s return looks very good, Perhaps hiring Fernando would be better“, he added. At 42 years old, Alonso will not have many more years in the “big circus” even though he showed today that he is, along with Verstappen, the best driver on the grid.

The Spaniard’s age will be a key factor in his signing since he is a very experienced driver and could help him do battle against Verstappen in his remaining years in Formula 1: “Red Bull will need to handle drivers carefully, given that Alonso is a picky guy, but at the age of… 42 years won’t be around forever…so He will fit in very well until Red Bull gets someone younger».

Perez will be left without compensation

The key to the whole process, as with almost all of it, lies in the contracts. Saward reveals this Red Bull will not have to compensate Checo for the termination of the contract If he ends the season with less than 50% of the points of his teammate and current champion Max Verstappen. At the moment, the Mexican has reached the maximum (48.8) with 240 points compared to 491 for the Dutchman.

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These days trial contracts tend to include performance clauses Based on teammate’s score percentages. This may be a reason for canceling the contract, without the need for compensation.», concludes the aforementioned journalist. Thus, the rumor of Fernando Alonso joining Red Bull is starting to become more than just a rumor and could become a reality in 2024.

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