In the UK they fall in love with this “marginal city” in Spain: it is the capital of the province

British newspaper Telegraph The city of Girona was included in its selection of “marginalized cities” in Europe, which Prices as “nice, empty and closer to the airport”.

“For years, low-cost airlines have been luring unsuspecting travelers to cities,” the newspaper explains Kilometers from announced destinations, Turning these lesser-known stars into a sad supporting role.

“She deserves more appreciation“It is time for these cities to free themselves from the barriers that have restricted them for too long.” Telegraph.

Thus, it indicates that Girona is classified as the airport close to Barcelona in “Clever marketing ploy Low-cost airlines that distort reality.” In this case, he denounced, “This is not only misleading, it is completely rude.”

The British newspaper highlights that Girona served as a “background for scenes from the fantasy series.” game of thrones” He celebrates the 'medieval walls and cobblestone streets of this Catalan city It is one of the best preserved places in Europe.

For this reason, he recommends taking photographs “on the picturesque stone steps of the Baroque Saint-Dominique”, admiring “the perfectly symmetrical bell tower of the Monastery of Saint Peter of Galligantes and wandering through the exceptional Arab baths”: “They make our bathrooms in the West Country look like a paddling pool.”

“Once you had finished climbing the steep alleys and wandering the arched streets of the Jewish Quarter, Look for the bright, symbolic facades of houses along the Onar River.Complete Telegraph.

“Located on the Costa Brava, bordered by the Gold and Pyrenees and surrounded by forests, there are also many possibilities To explore nature in the surrounding areas, The British newspaper concludes:

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