In the UK, the increase in injuries has been linked to competition

The European Cup was the first football tournament for the national team open to large fans since the pandemic began. Since the start of the continental championship, there have been stadiums practically at full capacity such as Puskas Arena in Hungary or Wembley Stadium. Exactly legendary London Stadium is the stadium that will host both the semi-finals and the grand final of the competition.

However, the Increase in delta variant infections He begins to question the attendance of spectators at Wembley. In the past hours, new infections of the coronavirus strain were identified in the UK, linked to spectators who attended the Eurocup events.

On 2,000 cases have been recorded in Scotland in people who attended matches at Hanbden Park in Glasgow, as posted public health in scotland

This data comes at a time of debate about Controversial UEFA decision Selection of Wembley as host venue for the final and semi-finals. According to the British government, Wembley will open its doors to 60,000 spectators in the last three matches.

However, this number can be significantly lowered after the latest data from the pandemic. And that is that in the last days it was variante Delta has continued to spread in the UK.

The strain that originated in India became the most widespread in Britain, causing a 70% increase in infections last week. Last Wednesday, British health authorities notified 26000 positivesThis is the highest number since January 27.

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