In pictures: Queen Máxima is surprised by conducting military exercises with the Dutch forces

Queen Máxima participated in military maneuvers with the forces in Den Bosch (Getty)

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, 53, surprised everyone by appearing dressed in her clothes Camouflage clothingAnd ready to join the exercises Engineering Forces Regiment In Den Bosch. She abandoned her usual look, characterized by elegant dresses and dazzling jewelry, when she indulged in military rigor.

With her flowing blonde hair and natural makeup that highlighted her cheekbones, Argentina has shown that it can adapt to any environment with grace And determination.

Queen Máxima with a bright smile while cooperating with soldiers (Getty)

They explained in the post that the Engineer Regiment is part of the armed forces that is trained to remove obstacles and build military infrastructure such as bridges and ferries, where Maxima was seen conducting training. They added from the Royal House: “Engineers determine the path, search for a road or build it.”

Maxima joined the exploration of the area with the Engineer Troop Regiment (Getty)
Maxima shows her diversity when she joins military training (Getty)

In the photos taken during the exercise, You see the queen Holland With a bright smile while actively participating in tasks, Leaning on soldiers’ arms to maintain balance sometimes.

The Engineers Regiment explains the maneuvers and obstacles before the monarch (Getty)
The Queen, in work clothes and rolled-up sleeves, faces challenges with enthusiasm (Getty)

Maxima wore Camouflage-print jacket, with Netherlands logo on the left sleeve, and matching shirt and pantsCamel colored shoes

With the sleeves of her overalls rolled up to her elbows, the queen He did not hesitate to put his hands on the ground and face challenges with enthusiasm.

Wearing camouflage clothing and not afraid to get dirty, Queen Máxima showed determination and agility when facing challenges with the engineer forces (Getty)

“It is admirable to see the Queen so committed.”said one of the soldiers, who helped her steady herself as she crossed a series of anchored boats.

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“After a brief explanation of the work, Queen Máxima participated in two engineering exercises. During the first period, the Queen was part of the exploration of the area. They explained obstacles and maneuvers, and spoke with veterans,” it says in the text accompanying photos of the monarch on her mission.

The Queen breaks her traditional style to join the Engineering Troops Regiment in Den Bosch, demonstrating adaptability and commitment (AFP)

“It’s admirable to see the Queen so committed,” a soldier commented about Maxima from the Netherlands (Getty Images)

The contrast between his participation in these exercises and his usual appearance could not be more stark. Just a few days ago, Maximum She was wearing an impressive red outfit Hindlopen Museum reopensanother example of his versatility and style.

This event took place in a small Dutch town Hindlopin, marked the culmination of the renovations of the museum dedicated to the cultural history of the region. Máxima, known for her passion for arts and culture, was enthusiastic and committed throughout the ceremony. There, Queen Máxima returned to her more famous and glamorous side. On this occasion, Born in Argentina Impressed with A dress Knee length, long sleeves and ruffled collar. She completed her look with a matching hat that showed off some of her golden hair, and red accessories, including leather gloves and a clutch bag.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands with her daughters, Princesses Ariane and Catharina Amalia, during King’s Day (Koningsdag) in Rotterdam, Netherlands, April 27, 2023 (Reuters)

Before their commitments in the Netherlands, Máxima and her husband King William Alexanderthey made a Four-day tour of the United States. The royal couple began their visit in atlanta And Savannahin Georgia, before heading north to Albany And New York. This trip reflected the importance of bilateral relations and the royal family’s interest in strengthening relations with the Dutch and American communities.

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During her stay in New York, Maxima participated in various activities, highlighting her ability to combine her role as a cultural ambassador with her apparent proximity and accessibility.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands continues to show her ability to adapt and shine in different contexts, whether in the midst of military exercises or high society cultural events. His versatility and dedication, both nationally and internationally, enhance his image as a committed, modern royal figure.

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