In Chile, they are calling for regional cooperation against forest fires

Representatives from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay participated in the two-day meeting, chaired by host Agriculture Minister Esteban Valenzuela.

The Chilean territories are among the regions most affected by these disasters, and one of the largest incidents occurred in 2017 in the central south, the spread of which was enhanced by wind speed, high temperatures, and low humidity.

According to the data published here, between 1970 and 2022, more than 10,800,000 people suffered from the impact of these phenomena, most of them in Brazil, especially in the Amazon region.

For Valenzuela, structural changes are necessary and an effort is being made for regenerative agriculture, as this is sometimes part of the burning problem and some tasks that can contribute to the spread of fire.

Christian Little, Executive Director of the National Forest Foundation, considered that more international cooperation and mutual support is necessary because, he said, there is no doubt that the continent is witnessing a climate change scenario and we must confront it cooperatively.

According to the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, the Director of the National Service for Disaster Prevention and Response, Alvaro Hormazábal, also participated in the meeting; Inter-American Development Bank Chief Financial Officer, Analea de la Rosa, and Treasury Portfolio Representatives.


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