In a bad word, Thalia’s grandmother asks her nurse to leave her alone

Laura Zapata takes her grandmother to live with her after she denounces the asylum that Donna Eva Mang lives in. Photo: Cuartoscuro | archives

What now Laura Zapata’s grandmother lives with her, The actress shared a video in which she assumed this Doña Eva Mange’s health improvesHowever, there is a funny moment from the photos that caught our attention the 103-year-old. Mention a bad word To ask her nurse to leave her alone.

Actress who came Comment that you live in fear of a potential attack Because she received Threats after reporting asylum Where his grandmother lives, posted Video On his Instagram account. He stressed that Donna Eva uttered “hurt” when the nurse told her it was time to exercise.

Laura Zapata’s grandmother asks with a bad word to be left alone

Also Thalia’s grandmother She expressed a highly-sounding word When his nurse told him it was time to exercise.

You have to exercise, says nurse, Donia Eva

– I’m going to sleep, answers Donna Eva

– Donna Eva, let’s practice, the nurse insists

-How chin …! Pronounce grandmother Zapata

Besides the post, Laura Zapata He wrote that his grandmother was already better.

“My grandmother sends the nurse to sleep, she does not want to exercise; I think it is better now, what do you think? Laugh out loud !!! He says his harm !!!”

Laura Zapata

Comments on Video shared by Laura Zapata They did not wait and their followers made jokes about the word that Mrs. Eva Mang gave herself.

  • “Leave her alone, may God have mercy on her.”
  • “Grandma is absolutely right, it was said to sleep.”
  • “I’m with you, Donna Eva, the workouts are boring.”
  • “Very successful, Donna Eva.”

Next to the video, Laura Zapata He also shared a picture in which he appeared with his grandmother. The lady is wearing oxygen lace while the actress smiles beside her.

“After eating in the garden, I feel the wind that pulsates with life and moves the hair !!! We keep asking prayers for the beautiful #TodosSomosEvaMange”

Laura Zapata

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