In 2020, there were more than 100,000 emergency calls from phone booths in the UK

Telephone booths have calculated hours. more than 88% of the population He realizes he’s never used it and that’s why it’s going to be gone in 2022. Since last year, it’s only been used a little more than once a week. With cell phones it now seems like it’s just a trinket. However, in addition to work, they also save lives.

We can’t always use a mobile phone. If we think, for example, of children when needed Notify in case of emergencyYou will always have to notify from one of the UK’s conspicuous red cabins. Like them, anyone needs to contact emergency services.

Although the 96% of the population owns a mobile phone are used. In the UK, in the 12 months to May 2020, 150,000 calls to the emergency number. To save lives, some have been converted into storage spaces for pacemakers and others heal the soul as they are used as libraries or small art galleries.

Telephone booths in Galicia

Many phone booths are not working. “Service Unavailable” is the message that appears. In Galicia there 1002 phone booth And 342 of them are in A Coruña, although their days are numbered. Municipalities will virtually eliminate them in their entirety. The gesture of picking up the phone and calling is barely done. Moreover, there is an average of one 0.17 daily calls. Therefore, it is better to get rid of your mobile phone. If not removed, they can always remain as urban monuments.

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