Immigration restrictions in the US after Biden’s announcement live: News, reactions and more

Will Biden really close the border with Mexico? Here are some key answers about immigration measures

Migrants line up in front of a border wall near Yuma, Arizona, in July 2023. (Photo: Gregory Paul/AP)

Migrants line up in front of a border wall near Yuma, Arizona, in July 2023. (Photo: Gregory Paul/AP)

With the election looming, President Joe Biden’s new executive action on the border aims to send a loud and clear message about his approach to immigration.

But the reality of what is coming is complicated.

Here are three big questions to consider.

Will Biden close the border?

No, that’s not what’s going on here, although that’s how that approach is often summed up, even by Biden himself.

The President’s declaration, announced Tuesday, continues to allow the normal flow of trade and legal migration across borders. But it prohibits immigrants who cross the border illegally from applying for asylum once they reach the daily limit.

When the average number of migrants crossing the border illegally reaches 2,500 per day, those who attempt to cross in this way between ports of entry will be barred from applying for asylum and will be returned to Mexico or their countries of origin. Restrictions will be lifted when the seven-day average drops below 1,500 per day.

According to a Department of Homeland Security official, border authorities encountered about 3,500 migrants crossing the border illegally on Monday, more than the threshold required for the executive action to take effect. The number of migrants crossing the border illegally has declined since reaching an all-time high in December, but Biden’s announcement notes that “the significant and high level of immigration… continues to pose significant operational challenges.”

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Doesn’t Mexico need to agree to this?

Mexico’s cooperation is an essential element of any common border initiative. In the past, we have witnessed American presidents announcing immigration initiatives, but they failed without Mexico’s support. On the other hand, we have also seen significant changes in numbers at the border in recent months, and on multiple occasions in the past, when Mexico has stepped up Law enforcement efforts.

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