Immigration authorities launch Bachelor of Science and Arts by maturity with qualification in immigration for returnees from Guatemala – Spanish version

Guatemala. After a series of efforts by the Guatemalan Migration Institute, the Bachelor of Science and Arts by Maturity with Qualification in Immigration and Socialization was launched; With the aim of providing opportunities for Guatemalans who return to Guatemala, as well as our staff.

The presentation was attended by authorities from the Guatemalan Immigration Institute and the Ministry of Education. The Director General of Migration, Steward Rodriguez, stressed the importance of not missing this opportunity, and also thanked the inter-institutional work that is being carried out with the Ministry of Education and thus have a curriculum according to our needs and contents.

The socialization process will be carried out at the Returnee Reception Center located in Tecón Uman, San Marcos; In addition to the one in the Guatemalan Air Force, where the processes and benefits of being part of this educational process will be announced.

Deputy Director General, Wilmer Gomez, noted in his speech that it is very important for Guatemalans to be able to choose this type of educational opportunity, as it enhances their knowledge and capabilities.

This achievement means the professionalization of the staff; This will make it possible to establish effective communication processes for the Guatemalan Immigration Institute, taking into account the capabilities and possibilities of action, which will allow for positive changes that will be reflected in the interest of the Guatemalan population.

Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Hernandez. As well as the Secretary-General of Konamigua, Raúl Prio, and Undersecretary Alvaro Caballeros.

Source. Central America and the Caribbean digital newspaper

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