“I’m sorry for his fans, but this is not business as usual”

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The British government will continue to control his every move Chelsea Even Roman Abramovich You cease to be its owner. A Russian billionaire, he is one of many who have been sanctioned for his links to Russian President Vladimir PutinIt has frozen all its assets in the country. The Minister of Sports stressed that although the sanctions harm the fans, they must be maintained because it is an exceptional case.

Nigel Huddleston, after further meetings with representatives of Blues fans, confirmed that dialogue with these teams is “ongoing”. However, he told them in those meetings that “Roman Abramovich was punished and that had clear implications.” In the data collected by daily Mailthe person in charge of said wallet has realized that the situation is “It will have an effectFor all parties.

The sports minister confirmed that “reasonable adjustments” had already been made “to allow fans to commit to the club and Contact as soon as possible“For the moments before the penalty. Among other things, for example, the public will be allowed to attend the match against Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League.

However, this scenario is consistent with the retention of sanctions. “We have to be very careful to make sure there is no over-generation of new revenue that is part of the sanctions.” They have only ‘moderate’, but in Premier League matches it will be ‘hard’. Message Huddleston The fan is that “this is not business as usual” and this scenario “is different because The club owner has been punished“.

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The minister reiterated that they must ensure that “the sanctions are adhered to as far as possible” and that due to the sanctions imposed on Abramovich, “there will be consequences and some temporary inconvenience to the masses.” “We have tried to do everything we can to help the fans,” he noted.

There will always be some consequences that cause some inconvenience. I feel sorry for the fans for that, but as you know, that’s part of their punishment, it’s not business as usual,” the Sports Minister explained after those meetings with fan representatives.

change of ownership

Chelsea’s historical situation because of the penalties imposed on its owner. Roman Abramovich waited too long to sell the club and stop being its owner. After several days of speculation, the Russian oligarch announced that he would put the entity up for sale so as not to cause any problems for the football team. However, his decision came too late.

United kingdomA set of actions against the oligarch froze the assets of Roman Abramovich. Therefore, the current Chelsea cannot generate income or make any movement without the government analyzing it. The transfer of new ownership will be carried out in accordance with the times determined by the Executive.

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