“I’m not here,” Goya loses

Yesterday was the awarding of the Joya Awards to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Spain. In the best Ibero-American film category there was the Mexican film “Hey No I’m Here” by Fernando Frias.

Tape distributed by Netflix He lost recognition in the Colombian film “The Oblivion We Will Be” by Fernando Tropa.

Based on the original novel of the same name by Hector Abad Fasciolence, “The Oblivion We Will Be,” stars: Javier Camara, Aida Morales, Patricia Tamayo, and Juan Pablo Origo.

Despite Joya losing, “I’m not here anymore” is still a finalist in the Oscars. The film tells the story of Ulysses (Juan Daniel Garcia), a 17-year-old who lives in a slum in Monterrey, Nuevo León, who, after a confrontation between gangs, is threatened with death, so he has to leave. Everything crosses illegally into the United States.

It should be noted that it is because of the epidemic that caused it Coronavirus disease-19, This year’s award ceremony Joya It had a hybrid format, between al-Dhahri and face-to-face: the directors and actors watched the party from their homes and connected by video.

Among the winners in the main categories: Best Film: “Girls”; Best Director: Salvador Calvo, for “Ado” Best Actor: Mario Casas, for “You Won’t Kill”; Best Actress: Patricia Lopez-Arnies, for “Anne”, Best European Film: “Father” (UK – France), Best Documentary Film: “Year of Discovery”, among many other films.


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